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Breakout is the eighth level in Alien Rage. The player continue the journey through the manufacturing wing and warehouse. AA-19 Combat Mech - boss, is encountered at the end of the level.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find airlock to manufacturing wing
  • Find airlock to main warehouse
  • Find elevator to cargo transfer cavern
  • Find a way to the surface of asteroid Deimos-875
  • Defeat AA-19 Combat Mech

Enemies encountered[edit | edit source]

Audio Logs[edit | edit source]

Audio Log
  • Audio Log 1 is next to you you when you start the map on floor right
  • Audio Log 2 is on floor right side next to second airlock which leads you to warehouse (in the room of control center for pumping station)
  • Audio Log 3 when you exit elevator from warehouse straight infront of you

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Bonus 1 - Before you open first stucked door if you turn around its on floor on right behind you in infront closed doors marked Tunels
  • Bonus 2 - Is located in big room with machines/pumps and minigun downstairs in left corner behind crates
  • Bonus 3 - Is located next to second heavy on right behind running machine (before you call up a lift from below to cross the gap)

Score[edit | edit source]

Possible achievable score:

  • 6,163,200 points