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Detour is the seventh level in Alien Rage. For the majority of the level, the player uses the mounted EL05-2C Minigun.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Take mag-rail transport to alternate exfil point.
  • Survive mag-rail transport to alternate exfil point.
  • Destroy mag-rail car obstacles.
  • Escape mag-rail system and find exfil point.

Enemies encountered[edit | edit source]

Audio Logs[edit | edit source]

Audio Log

No audio logs in this level.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Bonus 1 - Right after you leave the first Cable-Car, there is a Bonus presented on a crate. Can't miss it though.
  • Bonus 2 - When you head over to the second Cable-Car, after walking up the stairs, turn left and look behind the Crates. There's another Bonus.
  • Bonus 3 - After finishing the ride (Cable-Car crashes), walk up to the elevator and turn right before entering it. Behind some crates lies the last Bonus.

Score[edit | edit source]

Detour score

Possible achievable score:

  • 2,908,500 points