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Gateway is the eleventh level in Alien Rage. The player sabotages the tower docking clamps and then must defeat Vorus Primus. Then, take a tram to Vorus mothership to board it.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find elevator to docking port at top of tower
  • Find alternate route to Vorus mothership
  • Take maintenance elevator to service tunnels
  • Find airlock to cargo loading bay
  • Defeat Vorus Primus
  • Find a way outside through the cargo loading bay
  • Board the Vorus mothership through the engine exhaust port

Enemies encountered[edit | edit source]

To defeat Vorus primus just run around him and kill him with overpowered pistol or any other weapon.

Audio Logs[edit | edit source]

Audio Log
  • Audio Log 1 - Is in the first room shortly after start before you move to catwalk over gravity stabilizer on your right
  • Audio Log 2 - Is on the right side on floor before you enter 2nd elevator (maintenance elevator)
  • Audio Log 2 - After you kill first elite you go right through the tram and than left to get to your tram. Audio log is on the floor on left shortly after you walk through the first tram and turn left.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Bonus 1 - Next to first elevator there is bonus on the right on box
  • Bonus 2 - When you sabotage first docking clamps on right opens room Pump control station, bonus is located in the room behind dooropening on left
  • Bonus 3 - Is located in cargo loading bay before you enter tram go straight till the end of lane its behind boxes

Score[edit | edit source]

Possible achievable score:

  • 1,770,000 points