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The 08A-110 Service Pistol is the trusty sidearm of any bald space marine. The Pistol has 12 rounds to a clip and infinite ammo, in case for some reason you run out of ammo for the bigger guns. The player starts with this weapon, along with the A80-R Assault Rifle. This is definitely the weakest weapon in the game but if you unlock the final perk "Mega Pistol" it get a substantial damage boost and double clip size making it arguably the most powerful weapon in the game. The mega pistol does similar damage per shot to the sniper rifle but can fire as quickly as you pull the trigger. Also it retains the pistol's unlimited ammo. It is very useful against end game bosses because it eliminates the need to scavenge for ammo.

Secondary Fire[edit | edit source]

The 08A-110 Service Pistol's secondary fire is a three shot burst.