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Vorus Gladiator

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Vorus Gladiator

The Vorus Gladiator is the second boss of the game. He's big, he's powerful, and he has a jetpack. Typical tactics include potshots, attempting to jetpack-stomp the player, rapid fire that requires dashing toward the brute to get out of his turning radius, and a shower of bullets when hovering in the air. Around the arena are regenerating, large explosive promethium barrels. Best way to deal with this monster is to lure him over to them and detonate 'em, causing a nice chunk of damage. Failing that, or in addition to it, there are many secondary ammo packs around the area, and the Sniper Rifle's secondary blast will make excellent use of them.

Weapons Used[edit | edit source]

  • Rapid-fire hand cannons

Encountered in[edit | edit source]